Are you trying to find out which package is right for you? These are the differences between a dedicated IP (VPS) and shared hosting.

Typically, on shared hosting you will be sharing resources with other website while also sharing an IP address.

A dedicated IP give you your own IP address that is not shared with other websites on the server. However, you still share space on a shared server you just get your own resources and IP address.

On our shared hosting, there is more restrictions on what you can do or what resources you can use for your website. A dedicated IP gets you more option and lets you max out on your own resources.

Our dedicated IP address give you private space on a server that allows for you to have a dedicated IP address for your website.

Some benefits to having a dedicated IP address: You will have better security, you will better be optimized for SEO, your website will be faster, and you will have more freedom to choose what you do with your website’s resources.

Jeffrey Miles