An SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encrypts the data sent to you from your websites users.For -commerce an SLL helps secure you customers data that they input on your website, like name, address and credit card info.

This how you use AutoSSL on your cPanel Hosting:

  1. First you want to log into your cPanel hosting control panel and go to your security apps.
  2. Inside the security section of your cPanel control panel select SSL/TLS Status.
  3. Inside the SSL/TLS Status app you will be able to see which websites have an active SSL certificate.
  4. If you see aL website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed click the button that says run-AutoSS.
  5. You will see the button now have spinning arrows with a message “AutoSSL is in progress”. Wait for this to complete
  6. When the app is done installing you will get a notification and the app will refresh, you should now see the SSL certificate on your website.
  7. Sometimes it may take some time for your DNS to propagate and you made need to try a few times. Normally you don’t have to do anything as the app will do it on its own.

Author: Jeffrey Miles