Hosting Agreement reserves the right to cancel any website on our server that is being used for illegal reasons or to send out spam. We also don’t allow any type of pornography and gambling websites on our servers, and we reserve the right to cancel any account in violation of this agreement at any time.


There is a limit to how many emails you can send, and no mailing list can have more than 500 contacts on shared hosting. On shared hosting, you cannot send out emails larger the 20 MB in size. For shared hosting email accounts can’t be larger than 2GB in size and you are responsible for keeping it under that amount.

There are no email limits when you have a VPS but if you get your IP blacklisted and an intervention is needed there will be an attached fee of a minimum of $150.


You cannot use your shared hosting to do backups or use it as storage for files other than website files. All backups must be generated between 12 am to 5 am only. We cannot guarantee consistent backups or restore backups over 20GB or more than 200,000 files. Files exceeding 1GB will not be restored in the backups.

VPS and Dedicated server clients are responsible for doing their own backups.

Resource Usage

Shared Hosting users may not use more than 5% of servers for longer than 60 seconds at any time. If you exceed your limits, you will be contacted to upgrade your account. Resources on our hosting may only be used for the operation of your website and cannot be resold.

Dedicated Servers and VPS accounts can use all the available resources on their account.

Diskspace Usage

Data on our hosting may only be used for the operation of your website and cannot be resold. You may not store more than immediate files in any directory, store more than 200,000 files (inodes) total on your shared hosting account. You can’t sell or offer free disk space on your account. You cannot increase your disk space by more than 10GB in 24 hours.


Processes should not exceed opening more than 64 files simultaneously; create core dumps; Execute more than 5 threads or sub-processes simultaneously; Execute more than 5 consecutive URL rewrite rules; Be executed for a period longer than 60 consecutive seconds.

Cloud servers may not use more than 30% of total system resources for longer than 60 seconds to avoid service downgrade.


In shared web hosting the database is restricted to a limit of 30 simultaneous connections. Databases are limited to a size of 1 GB and 1,000,000 records each. Database requests should not exceed 5,000 per hour. Using a database with scripts hosted elsewhere is forbidden.

There are no database limits with a dedicated server or VPS server.

Software and Scripts

All software and scripts used must be free of vulnerabilities and viruses. It is your responsibility to update your software and apps. Insecure scripts or software can be removed by GreenEnergyHosting.Ca at any time without notice.

The following list is forbidden on our servers.

Proxy servers

Auto-surf sites

IRC servers


You may not enable live chat on shared hosting accounts.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs on shared hosting accounts cannot be scheduled more than once every 10 minutes.

For additional terms of services please read our terms and conditions notice.