How do I forward an email that is hosted on cPanel? (with photos)

Some people may like to have their domain name emails forwarded to another email address. This is very possible if you are using cPanel WebMail with you website hosting.

Are you wondering how to forward an email on your cPanel account? Follow these steps.

  1. Log into your cPanel hosting account.
  2. In Emails go to Forwarders and click on “Add Forwarder”
  3. In the form field “Address to forward” you put the email address that you want to forward emails ‘from’. do not include the @ or domain.
  4. In the domain menu pick the domain name of the email account you want to forward emails from.
  5. In the destination field, you put the name of the email that you want to forward your emails to.
  6. Then click “Add Forwarder” and your emails will now be forwarded to the new email address.

Author: Jeffrey Miles

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