What type of SSL certificate does my website need?

When you’re building a website or mobile app, you’ll need to make sure your users are protected from cyber threats. That’s where SSL encryption comes in. But what type of SSL certificate does your site need? This guide will help explain the different types of SSL certificates and how they can help you protect your visitors’ information.

The most common SSL certificate is the Domain Validation SSL Certificate.

The most common SSL certificate is the Domain Validation SSL Certificate. These are issued by domain name registrars, such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions and Namecheap. They’re also known as DV or Wildcard SSL Certificates and they offer basic protection for your website’s visitors by encrypting their communications with your server.

Domain validation certificates are the cheapest type of SSL certificate because they don’t require any additional validation steps beyond domain ownership verification (i.e., checking that you own the domain).

Code signing certificate

Code signing certificates are used to sign executable files, like programs, scripts and batch files. They can also be used to verify the integrity of a piece of software or website. The signature ensures that the code has not been modified since it was signed by its author.

Code signing certificates are considered more secure than other types of SSL certificates because they’re more difficult to obtain without proper authorization from an organization’s IT department or owner(s).

Extended validation (EV) SSL certificates

Extended validation (EV) SSL certificates are the most trusted type of certificate and provide the highest level of trust. They must be issued by a trusted CA, who will verify that you own your domain name and business before issuing an EV certificate. This higher level of verification makes it more difficult for attackers to obtain or spoof one of these certificates, which means they’re also more expensive than basic or wildcard SSLs.

Organization validation (OV) SSL certificates

Organization validation (OV) SSL certificates are the most expensive, but also the most secure and trusted. They’re difficult to obtain and can be used on any domain name.

OV SSL certificates are issued by a recognized Certificate Authority (CA), which is a company that issues digital certificates for websites. A CA validates your organization’s identity before issuing an OV SSL certificate, so it’s more difficult for attackers or scammers to impersonate your business online.


The most common SSL certificate is the Domain Validation SSL Certificate. This type of certificate is ideal for small businesses and individuals who want to protect their websites from hackers. It’s also a good choice if your site doesn’t require any forms of authentication or verification, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers. If you need something more secure than just an ordinary domain validation certificate though, we recommend getting an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate instead because it offers better protection against fraudsters trying steal personal information like passwords or PIN numbers from users on public WiFi networks at hotels and airports where attackers can easily eavesdrop on traffic passing through their network equipment

Author: Jeffrey Miles